Irma Morales, DVM (Owner)

Dr. Morales completed her Degree of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Florida in 1996. After completion of her degree, she became a relief vet for 8 years. She opened her own clinic when she realized that her passion for animals was so strong that she didnt want to only care for animals when another DVM needed her. She acquired Lake Worth Animal Hospital in 2004. Her clients are very important to her. She enjoys really getting to know them and establishing a good Doctor-Patient/Client relationship. Dr. Morales is very honest with her medicine, meaning that she will always tell you whats best for your pet. She loves going over seas to Europe and is a big fan of fashion. She has a daughter named Camilla born July 2010. She had to put her last beloved companion to sleep October 2009 and is still in search of her perfect companion.

Dr. Irma Morales, DVM