Is Your Pet Misbehaving? Call Us For A Pet Behavior Counseling Appointment!

We love all animals, and we want your pets to be good to you and be well behaved neighbors in your community. Legally, you must be in control of your pet at all times, and they cannot be a nuisance to others. If your pet is misbehaving, the sooner you get some help for them the better off you both will be. If your pet has become a nuisance to you or your neighbors, please call us and ask for a behavioral counseling appointment. 561-582-3364

Lake Worth Animal Hospital can help. Our professionals have training in animal behavioral modification. Animals are capable of controlling themselves. Domesticated animals can be well behaved members of our families, and good neighbors in our communities. We can usually help you learn how to bring about beneficial behavior changes in your beloved friends. In particularly difficult cases, we may refer your pet to an animal training expert.

Some typical ways that pets misbehave are:

  • Excessive barking 
  • Aggressive behavior towards other animals, neighbors, visitors, service providers, delivery personnel, and you and your family
  • Unruly and out of control behavior
  • Chewing and destruction of property
  • Pulling at the leash 
  • Uncontrollable defecating and urinating 
  • Escaping and running away
  • Digging
  • Phobias and fearfulness
  • Biting and scratching
  • Litter box avoidance

If you are having trouble with your pet’s behavior, please call us today at 561-582-3364.

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