Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Lake Worth Animal Hospital - Halloween Pet Safety

Halloween is almost here! Halloween can be celebrated by all members of your family, including your pets.  However, please remember:

  1.  Keep your eyes on the treat bowl.  Be sure to prevent your pet’s ability to gain access to the trick/treat candy or candy bowl.  Chocolates, candy with wrappers, candy corn and sugar free gum (with Xylitol) can be dangerous for your pet to eat.
  2. Watch your pet carefully.  Some pets may be threatened when trick or treaters come to the door or ring the doorbell.  Some pets may be calmer in a different room, away from the activity at the front door.
  3. Keep your pets away from the front door.  Pets can bolt if scared or you may not notice your cat has slipped out the open door.
  4.  Choose Safe Pet Costumes:
    • Chose a costume that accommodates leases and/or harnesses
    • Be sure your pet is wearing their identification tag when in costume, even if they are microchipped.
    • Costumes should allow your pet to move freely but not be too big or topo loose (would be a tripping hazard).
    • Stay away from flammable materials when choosing your pet’s costume
    • Make sure all masks, wigs or hats fit well and be sure they do not block your pet’s field of vision in any direction
    • Avoid choking hazards on your pet’s costume such as dangly decorations, buttons, elaborate trims
    • Make sure your pet’s costume Can Be Seen in the dark

All of us at Lake Worth Animal Hospital hope you and your family have a safe Halloween!

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